COVID Policy

Last updated: 02 May 2024

We have been closely monitoring the advice of the Scottish Government and the local council regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and have produced the following information for all clients.

As Scotland went into lockdown, we made the decision to shut down our operations at the end of March 2020 for 3 months, and again in December 2020 for 4 months, as we believed it was the correct thing to do to protect our staff, customers and the wider community. However, as Scotland has moved out of lockdown and restrictions have been removed, we are now in a position operate relatively normally again. We introduced a range of measures to ensure that we are keeping everyone as safe as possible, and minimising the risk of the spread of the virus, some of which we will keep in place for the foreseeable future.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all of our staff have been following the WHO's standard infection control measures;

  • Frequently cleaning hands using alcohol-based hand sanitiser or soap and water
  • When coughing or sneezing, covering the mouth and nose with a tissue or flexed elbow, then disposing of the tissue immediately before washing hands
  • Avoid touching the face, especially eyes, nose and mouth
  • Staying at home and seeking medical advice if any Coronavirus symptoms develop

Fixable Ltd will continue to follow some additional safety measures including;

  • All staff have taken part in a Coronavirus training course to ensure absolute understanding of current regulations
  • We have implemented a thorough COVID19 risk assessment
  • Office staff will continue working from home for the foreseeable future
  • Our staff have all been provided with appropriate PPE, including washable/reusable gloves and face-coverings
  • No staff will enter a property where someone is self-isolating, has symptoms, is shielding, or is quarantining due to foreign travel
  • Regular dialogue with all staff seeking to ensure guidelines are being followed and staff are comfortable with safety measures in place

We are asking all customers when booking a job to inform us if anyone in the property is in isolation, quarantine, has symptoms, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19. If this is the case we will not be able to attend but we may be able to offer advice to help out.

We would also ask that all clients ensure that the area(s) within a property to be worked in are clean, and clear of all personal possessions prior to our engineers arrival. Please do not be offended if our staff ask you to keep your distance or remain in a separate room to where the work is being carried out. Our engineers reserve the right not to undertake work if they feel there is an increased risk.

We will keep the information on this page updated as the regulations and recommendations from the Scottish Government change. We are in uncharted territory, so please bear with us as we get used to the new way of operating.

In the meantime please take care of yourselves and look out for each other.

For further information, please read the guidance on the Scottish Government website.